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2017 dermozone Miss Supranational Japan WILD CARD entries revealed

Four more delegates are now added in the roster of finalists as the selection committee has decided to include the following as wild card entries:

  1. Ayako Masuya (Miss Supranational Akita 2017)
  2. Rion Gokyu (Miss Supranational Hiroshima 2017)
  3. Saki Matsuura (Miss Supranational Ehime 2017)
  4. Yoshimi Nakamura (Miss Supranational Kochi 2017)

They will join the 20 initial finalists on May 3rd when the activities for Miss Supranational Japan 2017 officially begins.  Final gala will be held at the Saitama Kaikan in Urawa on May 6th.